Summer 2022

Yale Norfolk School of Art Summer 2022 Lecture Series: The Shape of Empathy

May 21– July 1, 2022

February 1, 2022: Faculty deadline to nominate up to 3 current juniors 

February 15, 2022: Student deadline to submit application materials 

Norfolk, CT

For summer 2022 the Yale Norfolk School of Art will offer a thematic program, made possible by Norfolk Foundation, Inc., called “The Shape of Empathy” that will include a series of lectures covering divergent topics.  The roster of speakers will influence the students’ summer dialogue in a structured way, culminating in an online video archive of these interactions. Yale Norfolk seeks to engage with the Norfolk residential community and also with a broader public to build a more diverse audience during the summer period. 

Yale Norfolk’s co-directors, Byron Kim and Lisa Sigal chose the subject “The Shape of Empathy” for the summer of 2020, which was regrettably canceled a second time for Summer 2021. Since the theme remains relevant to the state of our lives in 2022, five artists and scholars from the 2020 session will be invited again, and additional lecturers will be added to the series. Speakers will address diverse attitudes toward empathy and multiple perspectives in order to unpack the ways in which we might better understand each other. We anticipate conversations about ascribing meaning onto works of art along with questions like, is it ok for an artwork to lack empathy? And how best to discuss the shape of our empathy toward the planet on which we live?

The resident faculty for 2022 will be Byron Kim and Lisa Sigal and four Teaching Fellows, selected from graduates of Yale’s esteemed MFA program. This summer Yale Norfolk School of Art is moving forward with plans to accommodate 22 students. We’re especially eager to welcome students to work in the newly renovated Art Barn studio spaces. In addition to the Norfolk Summer course schedule, students will investigate “The Shape of Empathy,” the theme of the summer’s lecture series, with visiting scholars and artists who will engage the students in a wide range of vibrant topics. Students follow a curriculum of Yale College art courses including Critical Studies, Advanced Image Making and Senior Studio. Students work in individual studio spaces and have access to digital printers, computers, along with some traditional printmaking facilities. 

Summer opening lecture/workshop will be May 26 and each Thursday and one Friday until June 23.  The lectures are in the Art Barn at 7:00 PM. 
2022 Yale Norfolk School of Art Summer Lecturers are:
Garrett Bradley - May 26 (zoom lecture) 
Steffani Jemison - June 2 
Anissa Mack - June 9
Dave McKenzie - June 10
Aaron Fowler - June 16
Guadalupe Maravilla - June 23
Community Drawing Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 10 AM. The first session will be Saturday May 28 in the Art Barn. 
Open Studios are scheduled for June 26 in order for the public to witness the vitality of Yale Norfolk.
Face masks and proof of vaccination required for all public events.