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The Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art established in 1948, as part of the bequest of the Ellen Battell Stoeckel estate, has become the preeminent undergraduate summer art residency in the United States. After sixty-seven years of educating young artists at a critical moment In their lives, Yale Norfolk is now an American institution, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Art Program in 2018.

Each year college juniors from around the country and abroad apply for the tuition-free program. The twenty-six students selected study painting, photography, drawing, printmaking, the moving image and performance for six weeks and receive academic credit for their work.

Many Norfolk students have gone on to become significant contributors to the culture of our time. They include: Sheila Hicks, Mark Strand, Eva Hesse, Nancy Graves, Al Taylor, Robert Mangold, Chuck Close, Vija Celmins, Brice Marden, Jacqueline Humphries, Judy Pfaff, Patricia Cronin, Sarah Sze, Sarah Oppenheimer, Anna Betbeze, Mickalene Thomas, Ahmed Alsoudani, Mira Dancy, Loie Hollowell, Eric Mack, Emma Sulkowicz, and many more. Legends of the art world have also taught at Norfolk such as: Walker Evans, William DeKooning, Philip Guston, Joan Snyder, Robert Reed, Chuck Close, Lisa Yuskavage, Kara Walker, Jake Berthot, Richard Benson and Robert Storr.

The Yale Norfolk Art program has instructed the over seventeen hundred students who have attended so far what it means to be an artist and will continue to change the lives of students for many years to come.

Sam Messer
Associate Dean, Yale School of Art
Director, Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art