Yale Norfolk School of Art 2020 COVID-19 Response

It is with deep regret that the Yale School of Art, together with co-directors Lisa Sigal and Byron Kim, must announce that the Yale Norfolk School of Art will be cancelled for the summer of 2020. The decision to cancel the 2020 program is to insure the health, safety and creative practices of the student artists, Yale faculty, staff, and the greater Norfolk community. As Norfolk has always been a place where student artists from around the country come together, it is clear that the fundamental character and energy of exchange, and the values as a school would be deeply compromised by any other alternative besides being physically together on campus for six weeks.
Yale Norfolk School of Art will continue in Summer 2021 under the continued leadership of Lisa Sigal and Byron Kim as co-directors to continue with the dynamic program they put in place in Summer 2019. Lisa and Byron have added, “We plan to reconvene in 2021 with ‘The Shape of Empathy’ theme and invite back all the Visiting Lecturers we scheduled for 2020.”
We all find ourselves in a moment that we could not have imagined. Knowing many of you have faced or are facing hardships as this situation unfolds, we send our best to each of you for healthy weeks ahead.